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Birthday Party FAQ

So you're thinking of having a party with us!

Here are some commonly asked questions that may help answer some questions you might have!

if you have any other questions not addressed here, please either call us at 250-554-5060 or email: info@thefunfactor.ca

Q: How long will my Fun Factor party last?

With most of our packages, your guests will be kept busy throughout the entire time but keep in mind with the smaller packages - there is generally less activities included. Our most popular by far is GOLD A+ as it is superior value.

Q: What ages are Fun Factor parties appropriate for?

Our facility is unique that we offer entertainment for a wide age range. If there is an Attraction that is included in your party package, but a child may be too small or young to participate, we can substitute it for extra game credits.

Typically, laser tag is best suited for kids over the age of 5. Our average birthday party age is 8 - so our parties are popular with ages up to 13

Q: Can I bring my own food & cake?

Yes! And we won’t even charge you extra! We encourage it!

We’ll even store your ice cream cake in our freezer to keep it cold!

Q:What does The Fun Factor supply? What do I need to bring?

To make your party as hassle-free and accommodating as possible we supply plates, napkins, forks, cake knife, candles and lighter (if you forget!).

All you have to bring is the guests and the cake!

Q: How many people can fit in my reserved party space?

Our Party area is split into two sections. We generally stagger two parties between the two sides, with one beginning an hour after the other has started. We can comfortably fit about 16 guests per side. If your party is starting at 11 am, 2 pmor 5 pm, and you are expecting more people, please let us know, as we can reserve the entire party area exclusively for you, providing another party hasn’t already booked that spot. In order to reserve the entire room, we require a guaranteed minimum of 15 paying guests to reserve the entire area.

Q: ​Some of the kids in my party don’t want to play Laser Tag or some don’t want food, how does this work?

No problem! We can substitute a game of Laser Tag or Mini-Golf with 20 Game Credits and included food (Pizza & Slush) may be substituted with 12 Game Credits.

Loot bags are included at no extra cost and cannot be substituted.

No Price Reduction is given for substitutions.

Q: Can I add on additional game credits, laser tag, bumper cars, bowling or pizza to my party?

YES! We offer reduced rates when you add on additional items to your party! When you book your party online, you will be given various options you can choose, or just add them upon your arrival or during the party!

Q: Where is the pizza ordered, and do you offer gluten-free options?

Our pizza is catered exclusively from Dominoes to ensure the highest quality experience. For your convenience, we also offer gluten free options but it is at an additional charge – just mention to our staff upon your arrival, or during the booking process – we are happy to accommodate.

Q: How do I pay?

We accept Cash, or Interac Debit on the day of your party – we don’t accept personal cheques.

Q: I have 2-Party Gift Certificates, can I use both at once?

Gift Cards: We are able to accept up to $100 in Fun Factor Gift Cards to pay towards a party reservation.

Gift Certificates: Only one complimentary Birthday Party certificate may be applied towards a single party reservation.

Q: Do I need to have a waiver signed prior to having my party?

YES, we require a waiver to be signed for each party. For your convenience & to speed up your check in process, you can pre-complete them ahead of time through our website: Click here . You will need each childs name and date of birth. You can complete multiple waivers if you have more than 6 guests at your party. You will be signing responsibility for each child. Alternatively, we have a paper waiver that can be downloaded from our website here


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *maximum 1 promotion per party - birthday guest birthdate must be within 1 week of party being hosted.